"Common sense is not so common."
Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

Scientists tell us that the human brain is like a computer. It needs specific instructions in the form of language. saveIf we wanted to ensure that information was not lost in a computer application, we would not be able to instruct the computer to ‘don’t lose information.’ There would be no icon to click. We would click ‘save’.


Then why have we developed a way of communicating with others, especially our children, by constantly telling them what not to do? If you feel you have a poor memory, were you ever told ‘don’t forget’ rather than ‘remember’? Quite often the words are said with the very behaviour that is not wanted. An extreme example is Corporal Jones in Dad's Army, running around shouting the immortal phrase 'don't panic!'.

It is a peculiarity of the human brain that it seems not to hear the 'don't'. If you think that is too simplistic, then ‘don’t think of an elephant’. What did you just do? The book will show how to avoid the negative effects on self-confidence and self-esteem, of talking to yourself in this way.

Read any of the endorsements from the people below. They all mention either 'sense' or 'common sense'.


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