The roots of That Attitude Book go back to 1996 and a booklet I wrote entitled Improving Self-Image & Developing Positive Attitudes, aimed at students. To overcome my dilemma of anonymity, I sent a copy of the booklet to a very small number of high achievers in business, entertainment and sport in the UK, inviting them to endorse it.

Sir John Harvey Jones

Sir John Harvey-Jones, former ICI boss and TV 'troubleshooter', who died on 9 January 2008.

"My current experiences have taught me that the biggest obstacle to overcome in undertaking any endeavour is the actual one of the belief that it is within one’s grasp. It is a matter of self belief and self-esteem and Graham Pepper’s booklet is an excellent aid in this direction."


Dame Judi Dench is one of Britain's most distinghished actresses.

"Everyone needs encouragement, especially young people just starting out in life - in fact, they need all the help they can get. The booklet contains some very valid advice and should be compulsory reading for teachers and parents as well as students."


That Attitude Book is primarily aimed at young people before starting out on their careers. Dame Judi and Sir John kindly allowed me to use their endorsements in its introduction. Their comments show that the book contains messages not just for teenagers. They are equally valid for adults, particularly parents.

To help convince those young people why a positive attitude is essential to their success, whatever career path they follow, copies of the book have been sent to a small number of carefully selected high achievers, inviting them to endorse it.

From Business, high achieving entrepreneurs, including founders of some of the UK's most successful brands. From Entertainment, award-winners of Film, Theatre & TV and Music. From Sport, Olympic medallists; stars of cricket, football and rugby; polar explorers. They have all endorsed That Attitude Book.

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