Robbie Coltrane OBERobbie Coltrane as HagridRobbie Coltrane OBE is one of Britain's most popular actors and comedians.

“A very good 'positive thinking' book, full of wee hints as to how to go about raising self-esteem, without becoming an egomaniac.”


Zoë Wanamaker CBEZoë Wanamaker as Madame HoochZoë Wanamaker CBE is an acclaimed English-American actress, daughter of American actor Sam Wanamaker.

It's a good little book to have in your pocket, to be pulled out and opened when the feeling takes you.”


Alison Steadman OBEAlison Steadman in Abigails PartyAlison Steadman OBE is regarded as one of Britain’s foremost actresses.

"We all have moments of doubt and lack of confidence - particularly when we first start out. This book gives clear, friendly advice and should be treasured.”


Adrian LesterAdrian Lester acting in Red VelvetAdrian Lester OBE is one of Britain's most acclaimed actors.

"I really wish I'd been given a book like this when I left school. Being true to yourself is one of the hardest things to learn. Well thumbed copies should be kept in every learning institution in the country. I cannot praise the ideas expressed here too highly."


Joanna Lumley OBEJoanna Lumley as Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous the MovieJoanna Lumley OBE is one of Britain’s best-loved actresses.

“I found That Attitude Book inspiring and enlightening - I've always believed that the way we look at things contributes to happiness and a sense of well-being. Graham Pepper has so much good sense and kindness: this little book will be a mighty support to people of all ages.”


  £5.00 in the UK + p&p

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