Bill Beaumont CBEBill Beaumont playing for EnglandBill Beaumont CBE is one of the best-known rugby union players of recent years. He played for England 34 times, before injury brought his career to a premature halt.

“An inspirational little book full of good advice."


Alan HansenAlan Hansen with the FA Cup for LiverpoolAlan Hansen is one of the most successful British footballers of all time.

"I am sure that people will gain a lot of useful insight from this book - it is a must for every household.”



Gary Lineker OBEGary Lineker scoring for EnglandGary Lineker OBE is one of the most accomplished and popular footballers of his generation.

“I am happy to endorse That Attitude Book. I found it full of common sense and good advice. This book needs to be read!”


Jamie RedknappJamie Redknapp playing for EnglandJamie Redknapp is one of the most popular and talented footballers of his generation. He is also famously married to pop star Louise.

“I thought the book was excellent. Full of some great advice for living your life the right way.”


David Gower OBEDavid Gower playing for EnglandDavid Gower OBE is England's second highest ever runs scorer in Test Match history.

“Reading That Attitude Book reminded me yet again what an asset a good attitude is and the benefit it brings to its possessor and all around. In particular I was reminded just how important it is to convey the right messages to your children. Encouragement works wonders for children of all ages."

  £5.00 in the UK + p&p

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