Sir Ranulph FiennesSir Ranulph Fiennes - "Cold"Sir Ranulph Fiennes has been described in the Guinness Book of Records as "the world's greatest living explorer."

"There are many gems of advice in this lively little book."



Rebecca Stephens MBERebecca Stephens - "On Top of the World"Rebecca Stephens MBE is the first British woman to climb Everest and The Seven Summits.

"A very small book with a very big message: be yourself, and think positively! So simple, and yet something we need to be reminded of again and again.”


Tom AveryTom Avery - "To the End of the Earth"Tom Avery is the youngest Briton to reach both the South and North Poles on foot. He has gained a reputation as one of the UK’s leading explorers.

“There are some invaluable pieces of advice for us all in this charming little book.”



Annabelle Bond OBEAnnabelle Bond - Mt Denali - AlaskaAnnabelle Bond OBE is the first woman in history to have climbed The Seven Summits in under a year.

"This book is truly a great example of how the right attitude can enable us to push ourselves to live out our goals and dreams. It should be a compulsory read in every school."


  £5.00 in the UK + p&p

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